Social dialogue for greener wood

Social dialogue for greener wood

Social dialogue for greener wood



The "Good Wood - Notes for a Green Social Dialogue" project, funded by the European Commission, has reached its final stage. "Good Wood", of which Centro Studi Tagliacarne is a partner, was coordinated by CONFAPI and aimed at stimulating social dialogue for the sustainable development of the wood sector, through workshops and seminars that involved over 300 participants from employers' associations, trade unions, companies, centers of expertise. In parallel, research was conducted. In addition to Italy, the project operated in Portugal (thanks to Aimmp - Association of Industries of Wood and Furniture Portugal), in Bulgaria (with the partners Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Confederation of Labor Podkrepa) and at European level with the partner Cei Bois (European Confederation of Woodworking Industries). Despite the diversity of national contexts, shared conclusions emerge such as: social dialogue is   today a decisive perspective in the sector to win the “green challenge”; it is essential to include "sustainability clauses" in contracts from the national level up to the company level, acting along the entire supply chain; the Europe Agreements represent a crucial driving force but must be accompanied by capillary awareness-raising and training actions at all levels; the social partners are called to promote decisive project partnerships, favoring experiments and voluntary codes for a cultural change of company management, workers and consumers; all forms of incentives that reward virtuous companies and workers are fundamental. From January 2021, the final materials of the project are available on:


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